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Bubble Stone Aerator for Aquarium Fish Tank Pump | Efficient Oxygenation and Water Currents

Bubble Stone Aerator for Aquarium Fish Tank Pump | Efficient Oxygenation and Water Currents

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Achieve optimal oxygenation and create water currents in your aquarium with our Bubble Stone Aerator. Crafted from ozone aerated stone using super hard gold steel sand, this bubble stone is designed for efficient gas diffusion, excellent filterability, and high resistance to ozone and corrosion. It serves as an essential instrument for maintaining the respiratory process of aquatic fish, ensuring increased oxygen levels, lowered CO2, and raised pH.

Key Features:

  • Efficient oxygenation: The bubble stone enhances oxygen levels in your aquarium, creating a healthier environment for your aquatic fish. It also helps lower CO2 levels and raises pH, promoting overall water quality.
  • Durable and reusable: Made from high-quality hard gold steel sand, this bubble stone is built to last. It can be washed and reused repeatedly, providing long-term benefits for your aquarium.
  • Easy to use: Simply attach the bubble stone to an air pump (not included) to start creating bubbles in your fish tank. Please note that the air pump and air tube are not included in the package.
  • Various sizes available: Choose from different sizes, including approximately 3.5cm, 5cm, and 8cm in diameter, to suit your aquarium's needs. Select the size that fits your tank best.


  • Color: White
  • Material: Hard gold steel sand
  • Available Sizes: Approximately 3.5cm, 5cm, 8cm in diameter (choose based on your preference)
  • Package Includes: 1* Air bubble stone (no tubes included)
  • Suitable for: Inner diameter 4mm soft tube

Prior to use, soak the bubble stone in water for 15 minutes. This ensures proper functioning and prepares it for operation. If you encounter reduced bubble output or dirt blockage over time, remove the bubble stone from the fish tank and clean it thoroughly. The bubble stone can be used repeatedly, offering long-lasting performance for your aquarium.

NOTE: Please allow a 1cm difference due to manual measurement. The actual color of the item may slightly vary from the images due to different displays and lighting conditions. We appreciate your understanding.

Included: 1* Aquarium fish tank air stone

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