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Super Thick Biochemical Filter Sponge for Aquarium | White Biochemical Cotton Foam

Super Thick Biochemical Filter Sponge for Aquarium | White Biochemical Cotton Foam

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Improve the water quality in your aquarium with our super thick biochemical filter sponge. This high-quality white biochemical cotton foam offers efficient biological filtration, ensuring a stable and healthy aquatic environment. By providing an ideal habitat for beneficial nitrifying bacteria, it aids in the breakdown of harmful substances and promotes water clarity.

Key Features:

  • Provides effective biological filtration to stabilize water quality
  • Increases oxygen solubility for the well-being of aquatic organisms
  • Operates silently, maintaining a peaceful environment
  • Good permeability for optimal water flow and easy cleaning
  • Perfect accessory for maintaining a clean and healthy tank

Experience the benefits of our super thick biochemical filter sponge, designed to enhance the overall water quality of your aquarium. The sponge's unique structure and composition provide a large surface area for beneficial bacteria colonization, facilitating the natural breakdown of ammonia and nitrites.

The sponge's excellent permeability allows for efficient water flow, ensuring the filtration process operates smoothly and effectively. Additionally, the sponge operates silently, ensuring a tranquil environment for your aquatic pets.


  • Product name: Aquarium Sponge
  • Color: White
  • Sponge Size (thickness): 2.5cm/2cm/3cm
  • Available Sizes: 30cmx50cm, 30cmx40cm, 30cmx50cm, 50x60cm, 50x12cm, 100x12cm, 100x30cm, 100x40cm (for white sponge); 30cmx25cm (for black blue sponge and white blue sponge)


  1. Before use, soak the sponge in the aquarium water for 5 minutes. This process helps to facilitate the colonization of nitrifying bacteria.
  2. Always rinse the sponge with aquarium water at room temperature for cleaning purposes. Avoid using hot water.

Ensure optimal water quality and a clean environment for your aquarium with our Super Thick Biochemical Filter Sponge. Its high-quality design and functionality make it an essential accessory for any aquarium enthusiast.

Including: 1pcs Aquarium Biochemical Sponge

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