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Electronic Automatic Fish Feeder | Hassle-Free Feeding with Programmable Timer | Suitable for Various Fish Food Shapes

Electronic Automatic Fish Feeder | Hassle-Free Feeding with Programmable Timer | Suitable for Various Fish Food Shapes

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Enjoy peace of mind and worry-free fish feeding with our Electronic Automatic Fish Feeder. Designed to simplify your fish care routine, this feeder ensures that your aquatic pets receive their meals even when you're not around. Say goodbye to manual feeding and let our automatic feeder take care of your fish's nutritional needs.

Key Features:

  • Programmable Timer: The electronic feeder allows you to set feeding intervals per 12 or 24 hours. Whether you're going on a short trip or an extended vacation, you can adjust the timer settings to ensure your fish are fed at the desired frequency.
  • Compatibility with Various Fish Food Shapes: This feeder is designed to accommodate different shapes of fish food, including flakes, pellets, and other feed options. Ensure that flakes are loose and dry for optimal dispensing.
  • Flexible Mounting Options: The feeder can be used free-standing or rim-mounted on the edge of your aquarium. Choose the mounting style that suits your tank setup and preferences for easy installation.
  • Two Container Options: The feeder includes two containers, allowing you to choose between a 50g or 100g capacity based on your fish's feeding requirements. Select the appropriate container to ensure an adequate supply of food.
  • Beautiful, Practical, and Durable: Our automatic fish feeder combines aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. Its sleek design enhances the visual appeal of your aquarium, while the durable plastic construction ensures long-lasting performance.


  • Size: 8cmx10cm
  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: High-quality plastic

Note: Two AA batteries are required for operation (batteries not included).

Simplify your fish feeding routine with the Electronic Automatic Fish Feeder. Its programmable timer, compatibility with various fish food shapes, and versatile mounting options make it a convenient and reliable solution for automatic fish feeding. Trust our feeder to ensure your fish receive their meals on time, whether you're at home or away.

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