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Transparent Glass Aquarium Feeder | Convenient Feeding Solution for Shrimp and Small Fish | Prevents Penetration into Sand Layer

Transparent Glass Aquarium Feeder | Convenient Feeding Solution for Shrimp and Small Fish | Prevents Penetration into Sand Layer

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Enhance your aquarium feeding routine with our Transparent Glass Aquarium Feeder. Specifically designed for feeding shrimp and small fish, this feeder offers practicality, durability, and transparency to provide the best feeding experience for your aquatic pets. Made from high-quality glass, it ensures a clear view of your aquarium's landscape while preventing fragile objects from penetrating into the sand layer.

Key Features:

  • Transparent Glass Design: The feeder is made from transparent glass, allowing you to observe your shrimp and small fish during feeding without disrupting the aesthetics of your aquarium. Enjoy a clear view of their feeding behavior and interactions.
  • Prevents Penetration into Sand Layer: With its unique design, the feeder serves as a protective barrier to prevent fragile objects or food from sinking into the sand layer of your aquarium. This feature helps maintain a clean and well-maintained substrate.
  • One-Piece Feeding: The feeder is designed for one-piece feeding, ensuring that the food remains contained and doesn't disperse throughout the aquarium. This feature promotes efficient feeding and minimizes waste.
  • Easy Feeding Access: The feeder has an open mouth, making it easy to pour in the desired food quantity. This convenient design allows for effortless and precise feeding, catering to the needs of your shrimp and small fish.
  • Strong Suction Cup: The feeder comes with a strong suction cup that securely attaches it to the aquarium glass. This ensures stability during feeding and prevents accidental displacement.


  • Tube Length: Available in 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, and 40cm options
  • Circle Dish Size: Diameter 6cm or 8cm
  • Square Dish Size: 6cm x 6cm
  • Tube Diameter: 2cm
  • Tube Mouth Diameter: 3cm
  • Material: Glass
  • Color: Transparent
  • Quantity: 1 piece

Note: Please allow a slight difference in measurements due to manual estimation. The actual color of the item may vary slightly from the images due to different display settings and lighting conditions.

Elevate your shrimp and small fish feeding experience with our Transparent Glass Aquarium Feeder. Its transparent glass construction, prevention of penetration into the sand layer, one-piece feeding design, easy feeding access, and strong suction cup attachment make it a reliable and convenient solution. Provide your aquatic pets with a safe and enjoyable feeding environment while maintaining the beauty of your aquarium landscape.

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